In sales, if you are going to hear “No,” you want to hear it early in the process, so you can move on from uninterested prospects to qualify someone else – someone who might be a better fit.

If you are developing a medical device, you want to develop tests that will bring problems and issues to light early, when they can be dealt with cost effectively. You don’t want problems showing up late in the process.

Both of these are examples of what might be called failing fast. Give me the quick no, the quick rejection, so I don’t have to waste any more time on that dead-end avenue.

Having a strong point of view in your thought leadership is just an extension of this philosophy. A strong opinion repels people who are uninterested in or disagree with what you have to say, and will attract people who are interested or agree with you.

Taking a clear stand in your content marketing will set up your sales efforts for success.