We saw more visitors to our content library in 2021 than in any other year

From whitepapers about crafting positioning statements to blog posts about avoiding SEO mistakes, Forma’s content was gobbled up by curious scientists and marketers alike.

Check out this recap of our most popular articles from the last year, and get in touch if you’re ready to jumpstart your content strategy in 2022.

1)  Your Archetype is NOT Your Persona – Clarifying Some Marketing Terminology

archetype is not persona

Our flagship whitepaper from CEO David Chapin explores the difference between brand archetypes and brand personas. It’s a common misconception that personas and archetypes are identical, but the truth is that they both offer very different (and very powerful) benefits that can transform your business.

2)  Crafting a Clear, Effective Positioning Statement for Your Life Science Brand

Your positioning statement is one of the most crucial parts of your life science brand. It can catapult you beyond your competitors and help you achieve long-term growth. However, many science organizations are still using outdated, generic positioning statements (or worse, no positioning statements at all).

This whitepaper explains the key attributes of an effective positioning statement and provides a template for creating your own positioning statement for your brand.

3) The Key to Nailing Your Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy

Content was king in 2021, and its reign will continue on in 2022 as well. Nailing down a purposeful, effective content strategy is one of the best ways to engage with your audience. If your content library is looking a bit dusty, this blog will help you get started on developing unique, relevant content for your users. Get writing!

4) Digital Marketing in the Life Sciences

Jordan Eller, Forma’s Digital Marketing Manager, sat down and talked about how life science companies can leverage the power of digital marketing to help drive sales and achieve marketing goals. He goes into detail about how a life science brand can improve its digital footprint and how to use cutting-edge tools and techniques to get ahead of your competition.

5) Marketing Problems? Treat the Cause, Not the Symptoms

marketing problems hero image

In medicine and in marketing, treating symptoms can bring temporary relief, but it doesn’t address the root cause. If you’re seeing lower sales leads, increased competition, or confusion about your brand, there’s a strong chance that these are symptoms of a larger marketing problem. Learn how to cut directly to the cause of your marketing woes with this blog about the importance of uniqueness, clarity, and credibility in the life sciences.

That wraps up our recap of our most popular articles from 2021,  but there’s more where that came from! Check out our content library to access a full list of our whitepapers and blog posts.

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