With the myriad of life science marketing agencies out there, it can be hard to tell which ones are worth their salt.

What do most life science marketing agencies have in common? Visit any one of their sites and you’ll likely be inundated by claims of being “the best” or having “teams of experts”. But as you’re probably already aware, an expert marketer is only as good as the tools he or she uses to get the job done right.

For the uninitiated, Chrome Extensions are add-ons to Google’s first-party browser, Chrome. They’re essentially apps that can augment your experience while using Chrome. Whether it’s a task-tracker to help you complete projects on time, or a music player to help you relax throughout the day, there are millions of Chrome Extensions that can boost your productivity and enjoyment. Moreover, there are several that many marketing gurus would consider absolutely vital for conducting valuable research, SEO audits, and other crucial elements that go into developing a robust digital marketing strategy.

However, before we dive into the list of extensions, let’s take a quick look at why we’re talking about Chrome and not one of the other available web browsers, like Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Chrome is King

Simply put, Chrome is the fastest, most-reliable, most-intuitive, most-flexible, and most-popular browser on the market. Chrome accounts for more than half of all traffic on the internet, is staggeringly fast, integrates with any smartphone, manages your email, analytics, and a host of other features all in one unified location.

chart of popular web browsers


Also, and most pertinently, Chrome supports extensions, which is why you’re here. So even though nobody will twist your arm into downloading it if you prefer Firefox or Safari, the rest of this post only applies to Chrome users who are looking to beef up their repertoire of digital marketing tools. And although this post is meant to help life science marketing agencies, it also applies to anyone who is curious about the wide world of marketing extensions. Let’s dig in!

#8 | WhatFont

WhatFont is an incredible tool that allows users to examine typography, style, and color of the fonts found on any site on the internet.

whatfont extention for life science marketing agencies

The Forma team uses this tool extensively when checking for consistency in our clients’ site pages. It’s perfect for digging into the details of a typeface or color to make sure that the same brand guidelines are being adhered to across the site. Consistency is such a crucial part of marketing, and WhatFont makes it easy for marketers to discover discrepancies in a site at-a-glance.

#7 | Grammarly

There are very few life science marketing agencies out there whose departments are stuffed with English Literature majors. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your writing is structurally sound when communicating with your team and clients. Grammarly dynamically checks your writing whether it’s a blog post, email, or site page. We live in a world where people are hyper-vigilant about grammar, especially if your agency utilizes email marketing. If you’re sending out emails with typos in them, what does that tell your prospect about your expertise or trustworthiness? Grammarly guarantees that you won’t miss another split infinitive or comma splice again.

#6 | Wayback Machine

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? The Wayback extension makes that fantasy a reality! …Not really, but if you’ve ever wanted to view a previous version of a page, this extension allows you to have a glimpse of the past. By utilizing this extension, you’ll be able to view and navigate previous iterations of a page, which can provide valuable insight into how a site behaves. It also delivers a time-lapse view of the progress a page has made over a date range, sometimes spanning multiple years (depending on the site). If you’re interested in seeing a site’s history, the Wayback extension is the tool you’re looking for. Just don’t try to change the past; it never works out how you expect!

#5 | BuzzSumo

Almost every one of the life science marketing agencies in business today will reinforce the fact that when it comes to creating a strong site that ranks well, content is king. BuzzSumo is a tool that provides analytics on how specific pieces of content perform, broken down by platform. This allows you to measure the engagement of your own content, but cunningly allows you to see engagement of other people’s content. So if you were curious about how much engagement a competitor’s recent blog post got, your answers are a few simple clicks away. You can use this information to influence your own content strategy, which could potentially allow you to snag some juicy market share out from under the noses of your competitors.

#4 | Check My Links

This aptly-titled extension does exactly that: it automatically crawls whichever page you’re currently on and gives you a breakdown on the health of the links on that page.

check my links seo

By highlighting valid links, valid redirecting links, warnings, and invalid links, it gives you a complete perspective on how the links are behaving on a given page. These insights make it much easier to discover opportunities and make recommendations to a page’s linking structure.

#3 | Word Counter

word counter plus

Another appropriately-named extension, Word Counter keeps a tally of how many words are on a given page. It also keeps track of characters, both with and without spaces. This is exceptionally handy when writing or evaluating metadata, and can give you an instantaneous snapshot of any section on any site, which makes it an invaluable tool for the more page-length-minded among us.

#2 | Full Page Screen Capture

The final entry in a series of direct-and-to-the-point Chrome extensions, Full Page Screen Capture allows the user to – you guessed it – take a screenshot of an entire page instead of just a small slice. This tool is invaluable for life science marketing agencies who routinely have to deliver mockups, concepts, or reports that would be a nightmare to capture in snippets. With a single click, Full Page Screen Capture will take a snapshot of a full page with options to export as an image file or a .pdf. This humble screenshot savior has made life easier for countless digital marketers, account managers, and designers.

#1 | Meta SEO Inspector

More and more companies are realizing the importance of SEO and how it affects their rankings on search engine results pages. There are a host of tools out there that provide comprehensive site audits and SEO results, but Meta SEO Inspector is one of the few that delivers an instantaneous breakdown of core SEO elements for any site.

meto seo inspector life science marketing agencies

It won’t replace premium SEO platforms like Moz or Ahrefs, but it’s a perfect tool for examining a page’s header structure, alt text, meta description, and a variety of other SEO cornerstones. And best of all: it’s free. So if you’re an SEO veteran looking to add another ace up your sleeve, or you’re just starting out with SEO, Meta SEO Inspector provides limitless value in a snap.

That wraps up this list of our favorite Chrome extensions. Even though this was directed at marketers in life science marketing agencies, these extensions can be downloaded and used by anyone looking to bolster their knowledge of digital marketing and improve their productivity. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to contact us if you’d like to have a conversation about how Forma can help you uncover new opportunities with innovative marketing strategies.