Client endorsements can be a huge boon for your life science brand

Networking and reputation management is a significant part of sales and marketing. This is especially true for a highly-regulated industry like life science and biotech, where a high-quality referral can lead to a multiyear partnership.

It’s rare that endorsements occur naturally without any nudging. If you’re just sitting around and waiting for your clients to send referrals or complete reviews on your Google My Business listing, you’re doing it wrong! That’s why we’ve outlined 3 cornerstones of client endorsements that can elevate your success and boost your brand’s footprint with your target audience.

Google Business Reviews

Google Business reviews are the most basic form of client endorsement, but also one of the most impactful. They take only a few seconds to complete, but if your life science business manages to snag a 5-star rating on the first page of a Google search engine results pages, that can lead to a massive increase in website traffic and leads.

Asking clients for a Google Business review can be a straightforward process. For example, at the beginning of your engagement, you can say “We’re very proud of our 5-star rating and will be asking for a review at the end of our project”. This accomplishes two things: it reminds your client that you have a strong Google Business rating, and reminds them to leave a review at the conclusion of your engagement.


Testimonials are usually more comprehensive than a Google Business review. A testimonial will dive deeper into the dynamic of your client relationship and is typically featured in marketing materials.

A testimonial can cement your life science brand’s reputation and send positive trust signals to your users and search engines. In Forma’s experience, clients are typically very receptive to the idea of providing a testimonial. However, if the client is very busy or unresponsive, it can be helpful to provide them with a template testimonial. That way, they’ll be able to complete the testimonial without too much trouble.


Referrals are one of the most critical aspects of an inbound marketing strategy. The Sales Readiness Group has identified 6 key tactics to help you ask for referrals:

  1. Ask for a referral after the client has benefitted from your product or service
  2. Ask for help if you’re unsure how to proceed with the referral process
  3. Be specific. Don’t use cliche lines like “Do you know anyone else looking for our services?”
  4. LinkedIn is a great source for networking and connecting with potential clients
  5. Make a reference to the referrer in the initial conversation. “Kim mentioned we should connect”, etc.
  6. Always say thank you!

Another tactic you can use is asking for a referral when you don’t close the deal. Many people think you should only ask for a referral if you sign the contract and satisfy the client, but we’ve had success landing referrals even when we’re not chosen for a job or project.

Client endorsements can elevate your brand and lead to more sales

Reviews, testimonials, and referrals are a great way to discover new business and grow your brand. If you’re serious about developing an inbound marketing strategy for your life science brand, contact us today to see how we can help.