What Were Life Science Companies Reading in 2020?

By Jordan Eller

what were life science companies reading

2020 was a year of ups and down

From a global pandemic to a contentious American presidential election, 2020 was a tumultuous year for many reasons. But despite all the challenges and uncertainty, one thing proved true: life science companies were still hungry for growth and knowledge.

Forma’s content library expanded significantly in 2020. In addition to the branding power of Archetypes, we covered subjects such as content marketing, email outreach, online reputation management, ABT storytelling, search engine optimization, and much, much more. That’s why we thought it was fitting to provide a yearly recap of our most-viewed and most-shared content.

We hope you enjoy this 2020 retrospective of life science marketing content! If you have any questions about how Forma can help your life science or biotech company expand your footprint and grow your business in 2021, contact us today!

10) The Marketing Mechanism of Action and the Importance of Uniqueness

Many scientists believe that they are “immune” to the effects of marketing. They believe that their rational approach to the world lifts them above the attempts of marketers to influence their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Scientists are not alone – many in the general population believe they are “immune” to marketing and see these attempts at influence as pure manipulation.

This whitepaper expands on this phenomenon and breaks down how the marketing mechanism affects scientists, and how you can truly differentiate your life science company to stand above your competitors.

9) Storytelling, A-B-T, and Compelling Case Studies

abt storytelling case study

Creating compelling case studies can seem like a straightforward task. Besides, everyone likes a story of success, right? But the truth is that it’s easier to lose your reader’s attention than you may think. If your story doesn’t resonate with a reader, then they’re likely to leave halfway through and not come back.

This is a crucial principle of developing case studies. This whitepaper goes into detail about the power of And-But-Therefore storytelling, and how you can implement it into your case studies to create compelling stories that drive engagement and instill trust in your life science brand.

8) Using Two Dimensions of Positioning to Create a Competitive Advantage in the Life Sciences

Positioning is one of the foundations of effective marketing. Unfortunately, positioning is also one of the most confusing terms in marketing. (Except maybe “branding,” but that’s a topic for another issue.) And, as it turns out, when it comes to creating an effective marketing strategy for your life science organization, positioning is one of the easiest things to get wrong.

Check out this whitepaper to understand how to properly position your life science brand.

7) Storytelling in Life Science Marketing: Story Purpose and The And-But-Therefore Format 

When we asked ourselves the question, “What were life science companies reading in 2020”, we knew ABT storytelling would be a hot topic. This whitepaper builds on another whitepaper on this list, Storytelling, A-B-T, and Compelling Case Studies, and delves into the importance of story in life science marketing.

6) Poor Sales Performance? It Might Be Your Life Science Marketing Strategy

All too often, poor sales performance is blamed on the sales team. Before you start chastising your salesmen and saleswomen, consider the following: is your sales strategy to blame, or your marketing strategy?

The root problem of poor sales performance is often poor differentiation and poor positioning. This whitepaper examines a typical growth pattern of service organizations in the life sciences and see how better sales traction begins with a clearly defined marketing strategy.

5) Choosing a Name for Your Life Science Company, Product, or Service

naming life science companies

Choosing a name for a life science company, product or service can be difficult. Any choice will generate a strong, almost instantaneous response, carry great emotional weight, and (ideally) last a long time. How do you choose a name while avoiding the emotional rollercoaster that such choices often bring? This whitepaper outlines an eight-step process behind the thoughtful selection of a name that will resonate with your audience.

4) Entering the Life Science Market – Part 1: Eight Things You Should Know

Many companies try to enter the life science market, lured by the promise of rapid growth and significant opportunity. But entering the life science market can be difficult; many companies try and fail. In this first of two whitepapers on the subject, Forma CEO David Chapin provides an overview of some of the factors that make this market unique and identify what you can do to increase your chances of success.

2020 was a tough year for many businesses. Luckily, many life science companies are feeling optimistic about 2021, and the success of this whitepaper proves that there’s a strong contingency of readers who are interested in how to break into the industry.

3) Your Archetype is NOT Your Persona

There’s a common misconception across the life science industry (actually, across all industries) that your brand Archetype is the same thing as your brand Persona. Both hinge on common patterns, but we shouldn’t confuse the two. This whitepaper explores this topic and sheds some light on the different uses of the words Personas and Archetypes.

Is your life science brand struggling to unify its messaging and brand strategy? Forma can help. Check out our Brand Strategy services page for more information on how we support life science brands with proven strategies and methods.

2) Crafting a Clear, Effective Positioning Statement for Your Life Science Brand

Positioning is your brand’s DNA. It’s private language that acts as a decision-making filter for your public communications. Given the fundamental importance of positioning, how do you go about creating an accurate and useful statement for your life science brand? This whitepaper addresses the key attributes of such a statement and provide a template for creating your brand’s own positioning statement.

Our 2nd-most popular whitepaper has helped dozens of life science organizations develop effective positioning statements, don’t miss it!

1) The 8 Fundamental Principles Behind the Creation of Compelling Case Studies

fundamental principles for case studies in life science marketing

Our most popular piece of content in 2020 was a foundational guide on how to create compelling case studies.

In this whitepaper, Forma CEO David Chapin walks you through the steps to creating an engaging case study—one that allows your prospects to see themselves in the story, and allows your unique value to come shining through.

We hope you enjoyed this recap of our most popular content from 2020, and here’s to a successful 2021! If you’re ready to elevate your digital marketing and branding efforts in the new year, let’s start a conversation today.

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